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GUSTAVO BADELL | Bodybuilding Motivation | VIDEO


GUSTAVO BADELL | Bodybuilding Motivation | VIDEO

Debut season as IFBB Pro: 1998 German Grand Prix, the ninth place
The best placement of the Mr. Olympia: 2004-05, 3rd place

During the first 6 years of professional career, he competed 17 times. 9 times ended with no result or was below the 15 cities, only three times in the top 10. He was very massive and solid proportions, but he is constantly out in bad shape. Once he was in shape, and in 2002, took the 3rd place. That gave him entry into the Mr. Olympia that year, where he finished 24th out of 25 competitors. Painfully?

The following year he went only in one competition, where he also lost his placement. There would most of them threw the towel and give up, but he was finally in good shape and in the spring of 2004 finished seventh at the Arnold Classic. After that is done the biggest (positive) shock in his career, when in 2004 entered the top 3 at the Mr. Olympia, but also repeated a year later. Three times he finished in the top 10 in the competition, and in those years he won three titles in other competitions.

His incredible leap of 21 places compared to two consecutive Mr. O competition (24th place at once, 3rd place to the next) record that will probably never be broken.

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Charles Clairmonte | Bodybuilding Motivation | VIDEO

Charles Clairmonte Bodybuilding Motivation

Charles Clairmonte | Bodybuilding Motivation | VIDEO

Debut season as IFBB Pro: 1992
The best placement of the Mr. Olympia in 1993, 7th place.

Charles Clairmont had a terrible debut season in the IFBB Pro. He was the last (of 17 competitors) in the English Grand Prix competition, but not to prevent him to make one of the biggest turning point in the history of bodybuilding career.

1993 qualified for Mr. Olympia, where he finished in 7th place, and then followed his dominance on the European Tournier immediately after Mr. O. There’s won almost everything that was looking at the back of the aforementioned competition, including Levronea and wheeler. He has won four of five contests occurring, including English GP – where a year ago finished last.

This Englishman, high 183 cm and weighs 111 kg, had one of the most harmonious body in his era. He competed in two more years but never again win a competition.

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Classic Physique, the future of bodybuilding? | IFBB New York Pro



While some with sadness and sorrow in their eyes watching old photos of Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbua and other greats, comparing them to those on what is today’s bodybuilding fallen, others try to find a way to restore the lost beauty of the construction of the human body.

Indeed, if we left in chronological order by analyzing the winner of the Mr. Olympia, as the best of the best in the world, could easily come to the conclusion that what was considered a perfect human body, began to die out after 1992 and the massive victory of Dorian Yates.

This was recognized by the organizers of big events, which will this year at the largest gathering repertoire include the category Classic Physique, which aims precisely at such – the legendary appearance of the body.

Category that is already attracting a lot of attention, and that its beauty could largely take away the attention of the standard bodybuilding heavyweight.

In this light, we present an overview of participants at one of the first major competition PRO Men’s Classic Physique category, which will happen on stage in 2016 IFBB New York Pro.

At the competition, the nine names registered with PRO licenses, and they are: Axel Alvarez Jr., Omar Bautista, R. D. Caldwell Jr., Darren Charles, Devon Lindner, Arash Rahbar, Sharif Reid, Ani Saliasi, Russell Waheed. How to look, you can check the photo gallery below.

waheed sallasi reid rahbar lindner charles caldwell bautista alvarez

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European Arnold Classic | 2015


European Arnold Classic | 2015

European Arnold Classic is always a top spot every year, still a few weeks after Mr. Olympians gather the cream of bodybuilding in the old continent, exactly in Spain. Major changes have not occurred in this competition – eg. Take down from the throne of the current Olympic champions – and unfortunately it looks like, that it will not be any this year.

Start list European Arnold Classic became final, which revealed interesting facts about the autumn season!

It is not excluded, of course, but the current start list (which is composed according to the received responses to sent invitations) no defending champion and the obvious favorite Phil’s Heath, and there will be no Kai’s Greene.

Phil has made such a statement, that his professional career is planned for an additional five years could easily mean the participation of only five events – with what is clearly alluded to Olympia.

It will be more interesting, a real treat, however can be Zack Khan. Excellent Britain, years ago, won his professional status, but because of the fractured ligaments in both knees, withdrew from the competition in several years, as far as the IFBB contests.

His return was not as successful as they had hoped. Poor condition, on his thighs were visible signs of injuries. Because for a long time disappeared from the circle of active contestants, so it seemed, to Zack retired, but his name on the start list proves that there is no question about it. Resting was hopefully beneficial to him, and will now finally show what he’s capable of, because if it is indeed able to cover up traces of injuries, and corrected his weaknesses, finally can seriously lay his card among other professionals.

Competitors list:

William Bonaca

Brandon Curry

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay

Alex Fedorov

Dexter Jackson

Aziz dishes

Steve Kuclo

Alex Lesukov

Juan Morel

Shawn Rhoden

Fred Smalls

Roelly Winklaar

Dennis Wolf

Zack Khan

Michael Kefalianos


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ROBBY ROBINSON | Black Prince | Poster


ROBBY ROBINSON | Black Prince | Poster

Robby Robinson “Black Prince” is still practicing, although he is 64 years old! Respect! R. Robinson, in his long career he won titles: IFBB Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe. He also won the overall title at the Masters Olympia in 1994, when for the first time held that category …

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Live stream Mr. Olympia 2015 | Bodybuidling News


Live stream Mr. Olympia 2015 | Bodybuidling News

In professional circles there are rumors, 2015, there will be no direct live streaming Mr. Olympia!

Behind the scenes, rumors abound that the IFBB Pro League canceled the agreement to the site that traditionally performs live streaming broadcast from Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

Yet we have no official information, no one knows how this will affect the future live stream with the Arnold Classic. But as things stand now live stream with Mr. Olympia still will not be.

It is possible, that the fans of the sport of bodybuilding in 2015-remain without direct live stream of this biggest event, which was immeasurable damage to this sport …

The technology is so far advanced so much, that every one expected more livestream with IFBB Pro competition … Unfortunately from one reason or another, things are going in a very wrong direction …

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Kai Greene | Beast | Bodybuilding Motivation


Kai Greene | Beast | Bodybuilding Motivation

Motivational picture and quote. Picture of Kai Greene American IFBB professional bodybuilder. His most recent victory was the Prague Pro in 2013. He was the first runner up (2nd Place) at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mr. Olympia competition.

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Boyer Coe | Bodybuilding Legends


Boyer Coe | Bodybuilding Legends

There is no one in the world like Boyer Coe. He’s a Louisiana boy who worked his way up through small titles in the 1960s to big ones in the 1970s and 1980s, up to the World Cup, and then into masters competitions. He had a unique body, and he really knew how to pose.


Nickname: “The Ragin’ Cayun”
Born: 18. 8. 1946.
Weight: 98 kg


Boyer had a very long career, winning an unprecedented, seven titles only in 1981. Biceps was his most visible muscle groups.


AU 1965 Mr. Texas
1966 Teen Mr. America
1968 AAU Jr. Mr. America
1969 NABBA Mr. Universe
1970 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1971 IFBB Mr. International
1972 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1973 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1974 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1975 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1981 IFBB Canada Pro Cup
1981 Belgium Grand Prix
1982 Mr. Olympia 11th
1984 Mr. Olympia 13th
1994 Masters Olympia 3rd place
1995 Masters Olympia 10th

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Franco Columbu | Golden Era bodybuilding wallpaper

Franco Columbu Bodybuilding Wallpaper

Franco Columbu wallpaper

Franco Columbu | Golden Era bodybuilding wallpaper

The Old School Bodybuilidng wallpaper Franco Columbu. The golden age of bodybuilding wallpaper.

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The final list of candidates for MR. Olympia 2014th


The final list of candidates for MR. Olympia 2014th

After a year of fierce fighting in the IFBB Pro competitions around the world these are the athletes who won the qualification and will perform at Mr. Olympia contest of 2014. The largest and most important bodybuilding competition in the world this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the maintenance …
After a year of fierce fighting in the IFBB Pro competitions around the world these are the athletes who won the qualification and will perform at Mr. Olympia contest of 2014. The largest and most important bodybuilding competition in the world this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of maintenance.

Like last year, the biggest favorites to win the defending champion Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren. There are also competitors who can jump out of the second plan, such as Victor Martinez, Shawn Rhoden, Roelly Winklaar and Dexter Jackson.

It is worth noting that this year will provide direct and free transfer events via live stream.

A list of qualified applicants:

Phil Heath
Kai Greene
Dennis Wolf
Shawn Rhoden
Dexter Jackson
Ibrahim Fahim
Justin Compton
Steve Kuclo
branch Warren
Mamdouh Elssbiay
Juan Morel
Roelly Winklaar
William Bonaca
Victor Martinez
Jonathan Delarosa
Evan Centopani
Lionel Beyeke
Cedric McMillan
Johnnie Jackson
Jojo Ntiforo
Essa Obaid
Fred Smalls

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Aaron Baker Biography | IFBB Bodybuilder Profile Info | The Batman


Aaron Baker Biography

Aaron Baker was born on November 11, 1960 in California, USA.

His Bodybuilding career began in the ’80s. As a relatively young man flashed at competitions: 1981 Junior Mr USA – AAU, Light-HeavyWeight, where he placed fifth positions.

Was married to Annika, divorced in 1999. Aaron likes to draw cartoons (he was a cartoonist). Aaron was initially with the WBF, who had the character nickname ‘Dark Angel’. He could not use the nickname ‘Batman‘ because of legal ramifications.
The WBF failed. Aaron come into the IFBB with what he considers a black eye, from a rival league which was the WBF. He left that because of that, the judges during his bodybuilding career have penalized him, thus scoring him lower than he deserved.

After the 1998 Mr. Olympia, Aaron retired from bodybuilding.
In subsequent years, has appeared in many national and international competitions. He gained the Top Ten placement in the Mr. Olympia 1995 (9th place). Aaron stopped practicing professional bodybuilding in 1998 to once again return in 2003 during the competition Ironman Pro Invitational where he took eighth place.

Aaron Baker Competitions History:

NPC 1987 USA Championships ,5th Position
IFBB 1987 North American Championships,2nd Position
IFBB 1989 North American Championships, 3rd Position
NPC 1989 Championships, 4th Position
NPC 1990 Championships,1st Position
NPC 1990 Championships,1st Position
IFBB 1993 Pittsburgh Pro ,9th Position
IFBB 1993 Night of the Champions, 12th Position
IFBB 1994 San Jose Pro,6th Position
IFBB 1994 Iron Man Pro, 3rd Position
IFBB 1994 Arnold Classic and Internationals,6th Position
IFBB 1994 Olympia ,12th Position
IFBB 1995 Florida Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 1995 Iron Man Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 1995 Arnold Classic and Internationals,6th Position
IFBB 1995 Olympia ,9th Position
IFBB 1996 Olympia ,11th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Spain,9th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Germany,10th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix England,11th Position
IFBB 1996 British Grand Prix, 11th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Czech,7th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Switzerland, 6th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Russia,6th Position
IFBB 1997 Iron Man Pro ,4th Position
IFBB 1997 Arnold Classic and Internationals,9th Position
IFBB 1998 Iron Man Pro,3rd Position
IFBB 1998 Arnold Classic and internationals, 7th Position
IFBB 1998 Mr.Olympia ,14th Position
IFBB 2003 Iron Man Pro, 8th Position

Aaron Baker Gallery Photos

Aaron Baker Motivation Quote

Aaron Baker Wallpaper