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Mental strength | Dr. Sean Richardson

Mental strength Dr. Sean Richardson

Mental strength | Dr. Sean Richardson

An interesting TED talk in 2012. This video will give you some basic information about mental strength and how to overcome some of the difficult situation in which you find in your life.

Dr. Sean Richardson used the lessons learned from the locker rooms of professional athletes to show the subtlety of the human brain and behavior in order to overcome some of the normal and predictable human obstacles to success.

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One Life, One Chance | Lazar Angelov | Motivational Quotes



One Life, One Chance |  Lazar Angelov | Motivational Quotes

One life ,one body one chance. Awesome Lazar Angelov motivational bodybuilding quote.
Today, he is the best and most successful fitness model in the world.
Overwhelming Lazar began to help people in how to reach their maximum potential in the development of their bodies. Transformed the thousands and, thanks to his knowledge, motivation and ambition has inspired many people to persevere and reach the desired goal. He opened his own blog, where everyone has the opportunity to learn what it takes to achieve the perfect look.

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Classic Physique, the future of bodybuilding? | IFBB New York Pro



While some with sadness and sorrow in their eyes watching old photos of Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbua and other greats, comparing them to those on what is today’s bodybuilding fallen, others try to find a way to restore the lost beauty of the construction of the human body.

Indeed, if we left in chronological order by analyzing the winner of the Mr. Olympia, as the best of the best in the world, could easily come to the conclusion that what was considered a perfect human body, began to die out after 1992 and the massive victory of Dorian Yates.

This was recognized by the organizers of big events, which will this year at the largest gathering repertoire include the category Classic Physique, which aims precisely at such – the legendary appearance of the body.

Category that is already attracting a lot of attention, and that its beauty could largely take away the attention of the standard bodybuilding heavyweight.

In this light, we present an overview of participants at one of the first major competition PRO Men’s Classic Physique category, which will happen on stage in 2016 IFBB New York Pro.

At the competition, the nine names registered with PRO licenses, and they are: Axel Alvarez Jr., Omar Bautista, R. D. Caldwell Jr., Darren Charles, Devon Lindner, Arash Rahbar, Sharif Reid, Ani Saliasi, Russell Waheed. How to look, you can check the photo gallery below.

waheed sallasi reid rahbar lindner charles caldwell bautista alvarez

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Mike O’Hearn Succcess Quote | How to success in life?

Mike O'Hearn Success Qute

Mike  O'Hearn Success Qute
Mike O’Hearn Success Qute

Mike O’Hearn Success Quote

No one cares more about your success and happiness than you.
Do what you have to do for you and no one else!

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Six pack abs now | How to get six pack easy way

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t want to free his waist from fat and to obtain the ‘six pack abs’. Training the abs is useful for the development of the musculature of the abdominal wall, but no matter how well they are defined and formed the extra subcutaneous fat will never show them out if we don’t follow the necessary dietary restrictions.

Six pack abs now | How to get six pack easy way


“ABS are made in the kitchen”

Unfortunately fat is unequally distributed in some people and concentrated mainly in the waist region. So there is no given percent of fat which we should reach to show the six pack abdomen. In order to gain the so desired ‘six pack’ you should get rid of the unnecessary fat covering them and this is obtained not only with abdominal training. You need a complete plan, focused on burning fat, in order to reduce the
subcutaneous abdominal fat and it has at least three components: dietary regimen, cardio and strength training and each of them should be individually set.

Source : Lazar Angelov book ABS Secret Revealed. <<<BUY it


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T-Bar Row Muscles Worked | How to perform t bar rows?

T-Bar Row Muscles Worked

T-Bar Row Muscles Worked

Target Region: Back (Lats)
Muscles Worked: Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius
Secondary Muscles Involved:Rear Shoulders, Back (Traps, Lumbar and Rhomboids), Quads, Glutes, Biceps, Abs

Heavy T-Bar Rows Is One Of The Best Power Exercises For The Back!


  • Load with correct weight
  • Place your feet on the platform, with knees bent, learnt forward with a straight back and heels planted
  • Grasp the handles


  • Pull the handles towards the abdomen whilst maintaining sound posture
  • After peak contraction, slowly reverse the movement back to the starting position
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

This exercise is very effective for increasing strength, and size of whole back. Legs and Abs are working here as stabilizers. Biceps is working similar like in any pulling exercise.

Make sure you warm up before starting this exercise.

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Often is used T Bar Rower Machine.

It’s more an isolation exercise than the “original” T Bar rows.