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Sergi Constance Motivation | Quotes about success

sergi constance motivation


Sergi Constance Motivation |  Quotes about success

Awesome bodybuilding motivational Sergi Constance quote about success.

Stay focus on your goals not on your competitors. and you will succeed!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends consuming less meat



Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends consuming less meat

Although it sounds paradoxical that the seven-time Mr. Olympia advised others that they throw the meat out of their diet, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly knows what he’s talking about, and his advice is the product of the best intentions, and it is about people’s health.

As a politician, Schwarzenegger has earned the most votes advocating turning to renewable energy sources, encouraging people to start thinking about the environment and their own health. His advice on changes in diet, focused primarily on human health, because, as he himself says, scientific studies have clearly implicated in the increased consumption of meat:

– Accelerated aging process

– Curing blood vessels

– Chronic inflammation

– Risk of cancer

– Risk of Diabetes

How then enter proteins?

Athletes, as it was Schwarzenegger directly would be degraded to such a change because they are concerned proteins. However, it is important to know that there are very good alternative sources of macronutrients that responsible for the construction and recovery of muscle fibers.

Among the recommended food rich in proteins are:

– Nuts

– Seeds

– Peanut butter

– Buckwheat

– Oats

– Millet

– Rice

– Lens

– Beans

– Cereals

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Coffee with coconut oil as a pre-workout



Coffee with coconut oil as a pre-workout

Maybe you’re not a fan of coffee, or simply do not drink regularly, but once you try this combination of coffee before a workout will definitely drink more often.

If you want to exercise and have more energy, more focus and better performance, try the following recipe for a great cup of coffee.

1-2 cups of brewed coffee 1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil BCAA – (Optional) Whey Protein (Optional)

One minute in a blender mix coffee and coconut oil, if desired, add and BCAA and whey. If you need you can also add some sweetener to taste better.

This great combination will give you energy for training. Coffee has a stimulating effect, caffeine frees fatty acids in the bloodstream that will be available to burn during your workout.

Coconut oil is an edible oil drained from the meat of a mature coconut. Virgin coconut oil is on the other hand, squeezed from mature coconut meat with special pressed process.

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Dwayne Johnson discovered what motivates him to exercise even when it is too difficult



Dwayne Johnson discovered what motivates him to exercise even when it is too difficult

The famous actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, discovered the reason why exercise is considered as a very important part of your life.

It is very easy to give up on exercise and fall out of the daily routine, especially if you’re too tired or overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Dwayne Johnson is with his fans on Instagram shared an inspiring message in which he wrote what is it that motivates him to exercise and therefore never breaks your daily routine, no matter how tired he was.

“You always keep things that allow you to do what is important to you in life, and in this case, the thing that I want to preserve is the training. No matter in what time zone I’m in, no matter how many things I have to do and how little I slept the previous night , I will always find a way to train and endure to the end. the training was my anchor – focuses me and allows me to be able to work 12-14 hours a day. find your anchor, protect your anchor, “wrote Dwayne Johnson on his Instagram .

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Smart People Don’t Diet | Motivational Quotes



Smart People Don’t Diet | Motivational Quotes

Don’t start a diet that has a expiration date…Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.

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Bench Press tips to lift more | Fitness and Bodybuilding Expert

Bench Press tips to lift more | Fitness and Bodybuilding Expert

These 4 powerful little mental “tricks” could help you add an immediate 20% more to your bench press and break a new personal record!

Bench press power tip 1:

Focus on your body…not the bar!

When you’re benching, try to actually push your body away from the bar…not the bar away from your body.

This trick works for the same reason when doing pullups, you focus on pulling your elbows down.

Your brain sees the bar as an inanimate object outside of your control and it understands that the bar may “win”.

But your brain sees your body as an “ally” and “within your control”…

…and is much more confident in your strength when focusing on moving your body.

Bench press power tip 2

“Pull” The Bar Apart!

As you’re lifting the bar, try “pulling” it apart as if your hands were moving away from each other.

Your hands don’t actually move…you just want to grip hard and imagine “stretching” the bar longer.

This calls into play more “stabilizer muscles” to give you extra power in your upward movement.

Bench press power tip 3

Visualize The Bar Going up!

Do you know this “spotter” trick?

Whenever you’re spotting someone on the bench press and they’ve hit a sticking point, most of the time all you have to do is place 2 fingers under the bar and it magically seems to raise again.

No…you don’t have the world’s strongest fingers!

It’s simply a total mental “mind f’er” where the lifter “thinks” he’s getting help with the rep…but is actually doing it all on his own.

You can do this by yourself (or with a partner) just by visualizing the bar constantly moving upwards.

When you reach that sticking point, play a mental movie in your mind and vividly SEE the bar raising.

Your body will “believe” what you see and respond by making your “movie” a reality!

Bench press power tip 4

Look To Your Dominant Hand!

Another “sticking point” destroyer…

Once you reach the point where the bar stops its ascent and you think you’ve been defeated, look (without turning your head) toward your dominant hand (the one you write with).

This is yet another mental “trigger” for your brain to associate strength and power with what it perceives as your strongest assetts in your “bench press battle”.

Well, there you go!

Bring your brain to your next chest workout and load up a few extra plates because you’re guaranteed t leave your wimpy old record in the dust once you try these easy tips!

By The “Muscle Nerd” Jeff Anderson – fitness and bodybuilding expert and author of the Optimum Anabolics program

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How to increase bench thrust | Tips and Exercises


How to increase bench thrust | Tips and Exercises

It is almost impossible to imagine that someone, when you say that you go to the gym, no one asks the famous “How Try lifting the bench?”.

This exercise, although in the context of bodybuilding is for hypertrophy pectoral muscle, has become the gold standard for evaluating the overall strength of the hull.


Although the bench press can be seen from countless angles, in this article we will discuss only on the aspect of power, ie plain language – how to cram as much at the bar and then to successfully boot. So, we will talk about the most efficient technique for hypertrophy m. pectoralis, triceps, etc.

Before giving several ways and techniques to improve the bench press, a brief recap of the technique of doing … A lot of people will benefit if you start just corrected technique execution.

Basic features of the technique of doing bench press

So we can not just throw on a flat bench and immediately picked up a lot of weight. For it is still necessary to properly position the body. When we lay down on the bench, first we need to close up the blades, as something they want to catch. At the same time, upper trapezius firmly abut the bench. In this way, we create a solid foundation for lifting.

In addition, this position reduces the range of motion (the easier it will be to raise the weight if the way to go lower) and protect the shoulder from injury.

Position the leg is the next essential element. After we lay down on the bench and set back into position, our feet are relaxed and your feet are in contact with the floor. From this position we draw the foot backwards until you reach the furthest back position where our heel is still in contact with the floor. When we perform as expected, we will feel the tension in the quads. From this position, toes focus outward until you feel tension in your hips. Ideal position in which the fingers directly below the hips and directed outwards.

When we set back and legs, the final part of the convergence of the trapezius and gluteus, or achieving ports in the back (bridge). So we’re even more weight to shorten the path that you need to go.

Finally, before the lift, needs all at the same time squeeze: legs, gluteus, back, …

What catches are concerned, the optimal width is one in which the hands are positioned in the plane of the shoulders. The optimum position of the upper arm at an angle of 45 ° relative to the hull.

Now that we have mastered the technique and managed to perform the bench press in the proper form, and with such a practice derived reached its maximum, we consider how to continue to move with the attained plateau.

First, there are some techniques that are somewhat in tips & tricks, and act on the neurological basis. The first of them, which has long been known a lot of weight-, is, that the push rod upwards try to “stretch” the rod.

This increases the electrical activity of the triceps, which results in the ability to lift more weight. In addition, the eccentric phase of the movement, “stretching” rod recruit the muscles of the upper back and the muscles of the rotator cuff which all contributes to the stability of the shoulder and creating a more solid base for thrust.

The body is constantly surprising us some incredible mechanisms. Thus, if the weight is great, pressing neck in the direction of the substrate (the bench), activates the innate reflex that would allow us to raise approximately 5% more weight than we could without it.

When we talk about improving the bench press, we must mention the props that help us do that – add-ons (extensions) that are added to the rod and affect the resistance curve. A first think of the chains and rubber bands.

For a classic bench press is characterized by constant weight throughout the movement, however, muscle strength and resistance effect on muscle are not constant in every moment of movement.

Elastic bands

Elastic straps are used for strength training extensors (ie, muscles involved in bench press), because they have growing power curve in concentric phase. This means that we have the stronger the muscle shorter. The eccentric phase of the tape in fact have a negative effect forsiranih repetition.


Training with ribbons forcing trainees to accelerate the rod in the initial phase of the movement. If not, the weight will “knock” to the surface. That is why when using tape have good spotters or assistant. Using tape is recommended once every two training because frequent use can lead to tendinitis.


Chains are another tool that enables variable resistance. When using chains, is going to hand setter so that the resistance is lowest in the position where the setter weakest (lower position when the bar on the chest). As during the lifting rod rising towards the upper end point, including the more chain links and the resistance increases. Thus, the use of chains, curve resistance is equated with our natural power curve.


When you train with straps and chains, the load should be approximately 40-50% of 1RM. And with tape and with chains have a bonus rocking effect that results in the inclusion of stabilizer muscles.