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Roelly Winklaar | Mr. Olympia 2016



Roelly Winklaar | Mr. Olympia 2016

Roelly Winklaar, what adorns this bodybuilder is a pair of hands that are very rarely seen. Not only because of the size , but also details on these hands.

Last year he was in good shape, but his stomach jumped out, which was not nice to see.

The last months of free time he spent in Kuwait.  Where he totally devoted to bodybuilding. He eats, sleeps and trains. The progress of the last year it’s unbelievable, he appeared with 15kg more ..

The scar on his stomach, that everyone’s talking about, not by reducing the stomach, he had a car accident.

This year was the massiveness killed his aesthetics. How much he has grown it’s unbelievable.

Did he would be Mr. Olympia, it will be very difficult. He’s a very quiet guy does not give interviews. What will he do this year, it remains to be seen.

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Mr Olympia 2014 | Contest Details | Mr Olympia Info

Mr Olympia 2014

Mr Olympia 2014

Contest Details

The 2014 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition and the feature event of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend 2014 held September 18–21, 2014 at the South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada and in the Orleans Arena at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada.

It will be the 50th Mr. Olympia competition held. Other events at the exhibition include the 212 Olympia ShowdownMs. OlympiaFitness OlympiaFigure OlympiaBikini OlympiaWomen’s Physique Showdown, and Men’s Physique Showdown contests.

2014 Mr. Olympia Qualified

  • Phil Heath – previous placing 1st
  • Kai Greene – previous placing 2nd
  • Dennis Wolf – previous placing 3rd
  • Shawn Rhoden – previous placing 4th
  • Dexter Jackson – previous placing 5th

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