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Mr. Olympia Phil Heath | before the season 2016 | VIDEO

phil heath offseason

phil heath 2016

Mr. Olympia Phil Heath | before the season 2016 | VIDEO

How has this option as a contestant comes only once during the year and demonstrates the power, fantastic Mr. Olympia Phil Heath rarely have the ability to see how he poses for the crowd and the cameras, past fall season and going to the highest stage.

It is precisely this rare situation occurred at the Pittsburgh Pro competition, where the organizers have done a huge effort to bring the best of the best.

phil heath 2016

Among the special guests, there is also the current, five-time champion Philip – Phil Heath, whose form has surprised many.

phil heath pittsburg 2016

The Heath is on the stage came out with a full 130kg (286 pound) weight, and proved to be more than serious preparation for September and an appearance at this year’s Mr. Olympia, where each time trying to move its own borders.

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Charles Clairmonte | Bodybuilding Motivation | VIDEO

Charles Clairmonte Bodybuilding Motivation

Charles Clairmonte | Bodybuilding Motivation | VIDEO

Debut season as IFBB Pro: 1992
The best placement of the Mr. Olympia in 1993, 7th place.

Charles Clairmont had a terrible debut season in the IFBB Pro. He was the last (of 17 competitors) in the English Grand Prix competition, but not to prevent him to make one of the biggest turning point in the history of bodybuilding career.

1993 qualified for Mr. Olympia, where he finished in 7th place, and then followed his dominance on the European Tournier immediately after Mr. O. There’s won almost everything that was looking at the back of the aforementioned competition, including Levronea and wheeler. He has won four of five contests occurring, including English GP – where a year ago finished last.

This Englishman, high 183 cm and weighs 111 kg, had one of the most harmonious body in his era. He competed in two more years but never again win a competition.

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Roelly Winklaar | Motivation | Poster


Roelly Winklaar | Motivation | Poster

Roelly Winklaar freak who will one day shine as one of the biggest hits of modern bodybuilding. It is not without justification, after all talking about a man who entered the Olympia top 8 and overpowered Big Ramy. It happened at the most competitive contest of all time. Hands that are certainly on the short list for best ever, better fit on his shoulder improved. The legs are massive and unique shapes. The chest is becoming fuller, belly is actually expressed, and his back from each event better and better.

That’s why we made a motivational poster, to remind all of Roelly Winklaar before Mr. Olympia 2015.

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2015 Mr. Olympia Qualified | Legendary Bodybuilding Contest

2015 Mr. Olympia Qualified

Abiad, FouadCanada
Bannout, Mohamad AliLebanon
Bonac, WilliamNetherlands
Curry, BrandonUSA
Delarosa, JonathanUSA
Elssbiay, MamdouhKuwait
Greene, KaiUSA
Heath, PhilUSA
Jackson, DexterUSA
Jellali, AbdelazizMorocco
McCarver, DallasUSA
Morel, JuanUSA
Obaid, EssaUAE
Rhoden, ShawnUSA
Rockel, RonnyGermany
Smalls, FredUSA
Winklaar, Roelly (Egberton)Curacao
Wolf, DennisGermany

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Arnold Talk About Contest | Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger



Arnold Talk About Contest

I have never chickened out of a contest with anyone!

And when asked about retirement….

“I don’t even consider retirement because I haven’t heard of any good experiences of people who have done that. I have seen people who retired at the age of 60, being the head of a studio, or people who have retired from politics at the age of 65, and they are lost. For myself, I would get bored, I always like to have a challenge.”


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Mr Olympia 2014 | Contest Details | Mr Olympia Info

Mr Olympia 2014

Mr Olympia 2014

Contest Details

The 2014 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition and the feature event of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend 2014 held September 18–21, 2014 at the South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada and in the Orleans Arena at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada.

It will be the 50th Mr. Olympia competition held. Other events at the exhibition include the 212 Olympia ShowdownMs. OlympiaFitness OlympiaFigure OlympiaBikini OlympiaWomen’s Physique Showdown, and Men’s Physique Showdown contests.

2014 Mr. Olympia Qualified

  • Phil Heath – previous placing 1st
  • Kai Greene – previous placing 2nd
  • Dennis Wolf – previous placing 3rd
  • Shawn Rhoden – previous placing 4th
  • Dexter Jackson – previous placing 5th

Mr Olympia Live Streaming



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Mr Universe | NABBA The Universe Championships | Bodybuilding Contest


Mr Universe

Universe Championships

The Universe Championships are an annual bodybuilding event organised by the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA). It features four competitions:

  • NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe,
  • Professional Mr. Universe,
  • Miss Figure,
  • and Miss Toned Figure.

First held in 1948, the contest was initially only for amateur male bodybuilders — but a separate contest for professionals was added in 1952. The NABBA defines amateur as someone who has “never entered and accepted prize money in an advertised professional event”. Miss Physique, a women’s contest, was added in 1968 and Miss Figure was introduced in 1986.
A separate competition called IFBB Mr. Universe was organized by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). This changed its name to the World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships in 1976.

Mr Universe

The athletes are judged on their symmetry, proportions and the size and clarity of each muscle group. Most of the judging occurs during the day (this is called the pre-judging) before the distractions of the evening show, the finals.

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Dennis Wolf Arnold Classic 2014 | 2014 Arnold Classic Champion |Winner

Dennis Wolf Arnold Classic 2014

Dennis Wolf Arnold Classic 2014

2014 Arnold Classic Champion |Winner

The Arnold Classic, one of the most prestigious titles in professional bodybuilding, 26th Anniversary  competition is held March 1, 2014 at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio.

The 2014 Arnold Classic contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition a held March 1, 2014 at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio.

It was the 26th Arnold Classic competition.

Winner in 2014 is “The Big Bad Wolf” Dennis Wolf. It was clear when he stepped on stage he would accept nothing else. Finishing in second place twice made him hungry for the title. He knew what he needed to do to improve from the rear and he did just that. The crowd impressed with every back pose he hit and howled in approval.

Although he usually carries a lot of size, he seemed even bigger tonight than he did at the 2013 Olympia. His presentation was the best I’ve ever seen out of him. He definitely deserved this award and will forever remember 2014 as the year he finally placed first at a major event.

2014 Arnold Classic Results

1.Dennis Wolf
2.Shawn Rhoden
3.Cedric McMillan
4.Victor Martinez
5.Evan Centopani
6.Branch Warren

Official Website @ Arnold Sports Festival

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Al Beckles Bodybuilder | Bodybuilder Wiki | History of bodybuilding

al beckles bodybuilder

Al Beckles Bodybuilder | Wiki and Gallery

Albert Beckles (born July 14, 1930) is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder and a three-time New York City Night of Champions winner.

Bodybuilding career

Beckles was born in Barbados but emigrated to London.

In the mid-1960s, he won several British regional titles before winning the 1969 and 1970 NABBA Mr. Britain titles. In 1971, Beckles joined the IFBB, earning the overall at the IFBB “Mr. Universe.”
Beckles was one of the most active participants in bodybuilding history, having been in over 100 contests. In 1982 he won the Night of Champions competition in New York.
Beckles’ record-setting 13 forays into the IFBB Mr. Olympia have yielded six placings among the top five, including coming second to Lee Haney in 1985.
In 1991, at the age of 61 years old, he won the Niagara Falls Pro Invitational.

Beckles currently resides in Los Angeles.


Height: 5’7
Weight: 218 lb
Neck: 16½
Waist: 31
Thigh: 25
Calf: 16¾
Arms: 19
Chest: 48½

Awesome Gallery Al Beckles

More info @ Wiki

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Mr Olympia 2006 | Bodybuilding history | Awesome body

Mr Olympia 2006 contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition and the feature event of Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend held September 29-30, 2006 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The total prize money for the Mr. Olympia contest was increased from $480,000 to $546,000.

mr olympia 2006

Notable Events

  • Jay Cutler, after finishing 2nd place in four previous Mr Olympia contests, wins his first title
  • Ronnie Coleman, after eight consecutive wins, is defeated and remains tied with Lee Haney for most Mr. Olympia titles

Mr Olympia 2006 | Results

1.$155,000Jay Cutler125522
2.$90,000Ronnie Coleman18101038
3.$60,000Victor Martinez34161666
4.$48,000Dexter Jackson36201975
5.$38,000Melvin Anthony502526101
6.$30,000Gustavo Badell623029121
7.$18,000Toney Freeman6835103
8.$17,000Markus Ruhl8441125
9.$16,000Dennis James9647143
10.$14,000Gunter Schlierkamp10254156
11.$4,000Vince Taylor12050170
12.$4,000Branch Warren11461175
13.$4,000Johnnie Jackson13067197
14.$4,000Darrem Charles14862210
15.$4,000Troy Alves14275217
16.$4,000Francisco Bautista160160
16.$4,000Dennis Wolf160160
16.$4,000Rodney St. Cloud160160
16.$4,000Ronny Rockel160160
16.$4,000Mustafa Mohammad160160
16.$4,000Bill Wilmore160160
16.$4,000David Henry160160


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Mr Olympia 2005 | Bodybuilding history | Awesome body

Mr Olympia 2005 contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition and the feature event of Joe Weider’s 2005 Olympia Weekend held October 15–16, 2005 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

mr olympia 2005

The total prize amount given during the exhibition was $711,000, an increase of 31% from 2004.

  • Ronnie Coleman wins his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title, tying with Lee Haney for most wins
  • Gustavo Badell won $50,000 in the Challenge Round.
  • Jay Cutler won $10,000 in the Vyo Tech’s Best Wheels.

Mr Olympia 2005 | Results

1.$150,000Ronnie Coleman755522
2.$85,000Jay Cutler810101038
3.$55,000Gustavo Badell2119161571
4.$45,000Gunter Schlierkamp2016192075
5.$35,000Victor Martinez2225262598
6.$27,000Dennis James313237100
7.$16,000Melvin Anthony314031102
8.$15,000Branch Warren463540121
9.$14,000Darrem Charles405046136
10.$12,000Mustafa Mohammad575048155
11.$2,000Johnnie Jackson595152162
12.$2,000George Farah606161182
13.$2,000Chris Cormier517367191
14.$2,000David Henry716466201
15.$2,000Markus Ruhl697568212
16.$2,000Kris Dim7778155
16.$2,000Craig Richardson7980159
16.$2,000Ronnie Rockel8079159
16.$2,000Quincy Taylor8080160
16.$2,000Alexander Federov8080160
16.$2,000Mike Sheridan8080160