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Five benefits of the most popular fruit in the world | bananas



Five benefits of the most popular fruit in the world | bananas

Although it is a fruit that grows strictly in the tropics, there is hardly any part of the planet where bananas are not valid for the most popular fruit. There are a number of reasons, but they are much more than just taste and convenience that characterize bananas.

It is a whole series of phenomenal impact that the composition of bananas has on the human body. Interestingly, the phase of maturity banana largely determine their impact on the human body, as the scientists demonstrated that bananas are changing their chemical composition when ripe.

This means that for the extraction of specific benefits from the consumption of bananas, should be able to choose the very color of the banana, be it of a greenish, clear yellow, or ripe bananas whose skin is prevalent brown

1.They give you energy

Within less than half an hour, bananas proven allow a large increase in energy in the body. Whereas an average banana has 89 calories, the energy produced during the decomposition, can be used for a long time through physical activity.

2. Eliminate Stress

Ingredients bananas stimulate the secretion of the hormone of happiness, a favorite of the hormone that makes people feel happier, and for which greatly reduces discomfort, anxiety, depression and stress.

3. fighters against cancer

As mentioned at the beginning, for the specific benefits of bananas is very important to choose the bananas at a certain stage of maturity. So for a fantastic effect of stimulating the production of white blood cells, necessary to choose a dark yellow bananas.

4. Helps against constipation

The problem of constipation is usually created as a result of lack of fiber in the diet, which is not able to digest and which thus pass through the gastrointestinal tract, helping to better functioning of the intestine.

5. Strengthen bones

In addition to the standard needs a man to ingredients in food that strengthen bones, athletes are persons who should pay special attention to this question, since its skeleton exposed many times greater challenges. Bananas are foods that are not too rich in calcium, but they contain micronutrients that enhance the absorption of calcium from all the food that is ingested.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends consuming less meat



Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends consuming less meat

Although it sounds paradoxical that the seven-time Mr. Olympia advised others that they throw the meat out of their diet, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly knows what he’s talking about, and his advice is the product of the best intentions, and it is about people’s health.

As a politician, Schwarzenegger has earned the most votes advocating turning to renewable energy sources, encouraging people to start thinking about the environment and their own health. His advice on changes in diet, focused primarily on human health, because, as he himself says, scientific studies have clearly implicated in the increased consumption of meat:

– Accelerated aging process

– Curing blood vessels

– Chronic inflammation

– Risk of cancer

– Risk of Diabetes

How then enter proteins?

Athletes, as it was Schwarzenegger directly would be degraded to such a change because they are concerned proteins. However, it is important to know that there are very good alternative sources of macronutrients that responsible for the construction and recovery of muscle fibers.

Among the recommended food rich in proteins are:

– Nuts

– Seeds

– Peanut butter

– Buckwheat

– Oats

– Millet

– Rice

– Lens

– Beans

– Cereals

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They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death



They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death

Leon Brozovic (18) from Bjelovar Croatia 2012 revealed Burkitt’s malignant tumor which has grown in a short period of up to 20 kilograms. Medical diagnoses were bad, but Leon did not want to give up …

leon brozovic cancer

Leon got sick after a football match. In two days he got the diagnosis, but after two days they did the surgery and remained in bed for months. The disease is destroying him with 94 to just 54 kilos.

Later, I heard that I was the third person in the last three decades in Europe that is suffering from this malignant disease – says Leon.

If they were wrong in the forecast that I live half a month, then why would not longer living – tells us the story on his thinking at the hospital.

Gym became his second home.

Leon Brozovic Croatia

Undescribable feeling when, after months of lying down with the help of his father for the first time back on its feet. Then, he says, he knew that life in front of him. After seven cycles of chemotherapy Leon was out of the hospital and, as recommended by a doctor, forgot about football, and went to the gym.

Today Leon is strong young man who hewed great body and become a bodybuilder. Absence from school quickly compensated because the teachers had understanding for the struggle of life.

When I won the battle of life, I know that nothing can get in the way. Today I train every day for two hours, except Sunday, and will soon be on the competition – says this modest and cheerful young man.

Leon knows that now his dream is become a professional bodybuilder and wants to compete. Saying on good-bye ,that every person holds the keys of life in his hands and therefore should never be dropped.

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Why should I eat fruits | 12 important reasons



Why should I eat fruits | 12 important reasons

1. Cherries help calm your nervous system
2. Peaches are rich in potassium, flouride, and iron
3. Grapes relax your blood vessels
4. Apples help your body develop resistance against infections
5. Watermelon helps control your heart rate
6. Oranges help maintain great skin and vision
7. Strawberries can potentially fight against cancer and aging
8. Bananas are great for athletes because they give you energy
9. Pinapples help fight arthritis
10. Blueberries protect your heart
11. Kiwis increase bone mass
12. Mangos protect against several kinds of cancer

Digestion fruit is very fast and takes only about 30 minutes. It is a chemical process that does not release harmful byproducts. As an example of the long digestion can serve meat, digestion lasts for 6-8 hours.

Contains the amount of water just like the human body. The largest part of the fruit is water, and that more than 80%, the same as in the human body. It’s hard to find a food with so much water content, except in vegetables, such as cucumber.

The calorific value of the fruit is very small. Fruit plays an important role in the diets for weight reduction because it is an excellent source of energy without unnecessary calories. It contains fructose, fruit sugar that the body should not be turned into lower sugars before use, but quickly enters the blood and before that it does not contain fat, and contain pectin, which gives a feeling of satiety because it attracts water to itself.

Fat – fruit does not contain fat. When you eat a larger amount per day between meals forgotten the candy. So not only do we eliminate unnecessary intake of fat, salt, protein and sugar confectionery but unnecessary calories. All this serves to combat obesity. Obesity is a disease of our time, such as an epidemic spreading throughout the world, and the possible cause of the speed of life and the availability and consumption of ready-made (fast) food.

Cholesterol – fruit does not contain cholesterol, the substance of which we hear so much, that even at the mention of the word in the air appears the fear of disease. Without cholesterol would not be our body! It just produces this vital molecule. Cholesterol travels through the blood to different parts of the body and because it is measured from the blood. Meat, especially the spinal cord contain cholesterol, while in fruits and vegetables and almost no!

Proteins (proteins) – when mention proteins, always think of meat or eggs. However, the fruit contains proteins, although 15-20 times less than meat. Proteins are very complex molecules consisting of smaller units of amino acids. Our body uses 20 different amino acids to build the various proteins. Of these 20, 10 amino acids are essential, meaning that they are our body can not produce, but should be administered with food. Fruits contain some of these 10 amino acids, while the banana contains all 10 of them!

Protein molecules are essential for development, growth and the body’s metabolism. They play a key role in vital processes. Participate in muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, immune defense, many hormones are proteins, all enzymes are proteins. Proteins involved in the formation of bone and skin structure …, and can be a source of energy. Good sources of protein include meat, eggs, peanuts. Other fruits weak source may still be mentioned here as a bad apple, but still somewhat valuable resource.

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Smoking and bodybuilding | give it up | stop smoking

Smoking and bodybuilding

Smoking and bodybuilding

More and more we see that after training people smoke and resting with a cigarette.

It is clear that this is a very bad thing for human health because smoking is generally one of the biggest causes of a range of diseases. What consequences specifically leaves to exercise and how much is it “smart” decision, we will try to clarify.

– Destruction of fitness

It is clear that the condition has a direct connection with the respiratory organs, smoke drastically reduces lung capacity, in a way that increases the resistance of the respiratory tract and so reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood vessels, it becomes clear why smokers tend to come up for air during the execution of the last repetition of the series or what have major problems in performing cardio exercises.

– Reduction results

During the recording of cardiac activity of smokers and non-smokers during the conduct of an identical physical intervention, it was noted that the smoker typically has about 30 percent higher heart rate than a person who has no problem with this vice. This means increased blood pressure, reducing blood flow, more energy and as a result, weaker progress.

– Increased mucus

Mucus, which is formed on the mucosa of smokers is twice as dense than that formed in non-smokers, and its accumulation hinders breathing.

– Less oxygen in muscle cells

Carbon monoxide, the gaseous compound which is found in cigarette smoke, it is easier to bind to a molecule in blood. Therefore, smoking is changing oxygen molecules in a molecule of carbon monoxide, which reduces the total amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood from the lungs, including muscle cells.