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6 tips for successful body transformation | Awesome Body


6 tips for successful body transformation | Awesome Body

In this article we give you six tips on how to start your transformation. Follow these proven tips and get a transformation that will leave everyone speechless.

First recovery

Recovering cited as the first thing, because the rest between workouts and sleep are probably the most underrated component of your program. Many people think that the only daily exercise and push the body to the limits of endurance to make the body more quickly develop and strengthen. However this approach is the main reason why you do not see napredeak. Your muscles will only grow when you are resting, and therefore make an effort to really relax in the days when not training. Also keep your 7-9 hours of sleep to be a priority, and do not forget that everything you do outside the gym affects your growth and development

2nd Nutrition

Weight loss or losing weight does not have to mean starvation. Despite the fact that you are on a diet and reduced intake of carbohydrates, your body are still needed calories to have enough energy, but also to preserve the hard-earned muscle mass. Pay special attention to the intake of sufficient amounts of protein, and try to enter at least 40g of protein per serving. Increased protein intake during child will help you to keep muscle mass and prevent muscle catabolism.

3rd Track your progress

Capture your body and keep that image, and after 4 weeks Capture again and compare the pictures. In this way will the easiest to see the progress you have achieved, but also to motivate, and is not it great that you and others to show your progress through a single slide. In addition to all this, some studies show that people in this way record your progress achieved better long-term results. We recommend that in addition to photos of every 4 weeks, and measure and record your weight, fat percentage as well as the waist and other parts of the body. In addition to motivation, this progress monitoring will provide better insight into the effectiveness of your training and nutrition.

4th Feed muscles before and after training

Meals and supplements before and after training (pre-workout and post-workout) will provide energy and nutrients to your training and recovery make it more efficient. In addition to solid meals insert and pre-workout supplement that will provide energy for training, as well as amino acids (BCAA) and a protein shake to help with recovery and muscle growth.

5th Keep Pace

At the training you’ve come to train, not to walk around the gym, make empty talk or cackle phone. Strictly concentrate and keep your training plan and the planned break between sets and exercises. Do not let your vacation after the first series takes a minute, and then after another five minutes because you get a message on facebook, etc. Perhaps this seems trivial, but after every long break to cool down your muscles and increases the risk of hurting. Also, most of the training program has accurately determined Koike pause should last, and with each increase or decrease this time to change not only the efficiency of the program.

6th The weights or cardio

If you ever get into a situation where they have to choose between these two workouts, always choose weight training. Training with weights will have a far greater impact on your potential transformation, but cardio training, this does not mean that cardio training does not need to work. If you have a goal for fat burning then insert HIIT (high intensity interval training) in your program, but if your goal is to increase your aerobic capacity, then your choice should be laganijie cardio activities such as jogging or cycling. For any option you choose, do not overdo it and so jeopardize your weight training, because as we have said he has an advantage.

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Good Form Running | Bodybuilding Tips and Secrets | Awesome Body

Good Form Running

Good Form Running

Four simple steps to good form

1. Posture

  • Stand tall
  • Point toes forward
  • reach to the sky to reset
  • Run with your head up and keep your gaze directed ahead of you

2. Midfoot

  • March in place prior to your rn to reinforce the proper midfoot strike
  • Heel striking and overstriding cause braking
  • Landing on forefoot can strain calf & achilles

3. Cadence

  • Aim for a cadence of 180
  • To find your cadence count number of right foot strikes for 20 seconds and multiply by 6
  • Run light, and avoid pounding

4. Lean

  • Lean from ankles without bending at waist
  • Flexing at the ankle reduces unnecessary muscle strain caused by toeing off
  • Use gravity to your advantage instead of excessive muscle force

Common running form vs Good running form

Overstriding, heel-striking & bad posture
cause breaking and torque, which equates to inefficient running & leads to many commoin injuries.

Quick strides, mid foot strike, & good posture
prevent stress that causes strain & injury, while also making running more enjoyable & efficient.