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See how martial arts instructor encourages boys to break the emotional barrier

martial arts instructor encourages boys
Instructor Sharath Jason Wilson is the founder and head coach of the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy. He founded the academy of martial arts to boys and teenagers helped to cope with life’s problems, through learning the basic principles of martial arts.

See what happens when one of his students have trouble passing the initial test, and how Wilson talk to him encouraging him to continue and break through emotional barriers.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends consuming less meat



Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends consuming less meat

Although it sounds paradoxical that the seven-time Mr. Olympia advised others that they throw the meat out of their diet, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly knows what he’s talking about, and his advice is the product of the best intentions, and it is about people’s health.

As a politician, Schwarzenegger has earned the most votes advocating turning to renewable energy sources, encouraging people to start thinking about the environment and their own health. His advice on changes in diet, focused primarily on human health, because, as he himself says, scientific studies have clearly implicated in the increased consumption of meat:

– Accelerated aging process

– Curing blood vessels

– Chronic inflammation

– Risk of cancer

– Risk of Diabetes

How then enter proteins?

Athletes, as it was Schwarzenegger directly would be degraded to such a change because they are concerned proteins. However, it is important to know that there are very good alternative sources of macronutrients that responsible for the construction and recovery of muscle fibers.

Among the recommended food rich in proteins are:

– Nuts

– Seeds

– Peanut butter

– Buckwheat

– Oats

– Millet

– Rice

– Lens

– Beans

– Cereals

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Symptoms that indicate when you eat bad food | awesome body



Accelerated lifestyle makes it difficult to perceive subtle changes that occur in our bodies . As experts point out , the human body very early starts to show a variety of symptoms and before we only perceive that something is wrong with us and our bodies .

Poor quality hair

Split ends , hair loss , excessively oily hair and dandruff are signs that the Lase feed and to help the body lacks protein , healthy fats , iron, zinc , and vitamin C. The hair first begins to send messages to improper feeding .

Visible signs of aging

Aging nobody can avoid , but dry skin and wrinkles that . Drying of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles once pojavlajuju due to insufficient intake of vitamins , and fruits and vegetables .

The poor condition of the oral cavity

Inflammation of the palate , often bleeding teeth , loss of teeth and changes in the language indicating that the isharnu enter a lot of unhealthy sugar . Maybe you do not eat a lot of sweets every day , but consume juice and other foods that you can not contain sugar .

Sudden weight loss and weight gain

Any change in weight is a sign of imbalance , and studies show that over time it turns into cancer . Therefore , make sure what and how much you eat .

Problems with concentration and memory

If you notice that you often forget things , remember that bad and it is hard to concentrate , you probably do not eat enough omega-3 fatty acids , which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain .

Fatigue and exhaustion

Many people complain of fatigue and exhaustion and never think to them it happens because of unhealthy and poor nutrition .