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Five benefits of the most popular fruit in the world | bananas



Five benefits of the most popular fruit in the world | bananas

Although it is a fruit that grows strictly in the tropics, there is hardly any part of the planet where bananas are not valid for the most popular fruit. There are a number of reasons, but they are much more than just taste and convenience that characterize bananas.

It is a whole series of phenomenal impact that the composition of bananas has on the human body. Interestingly, the phase of maturity banana largely determine their impact on the human body, as the scientists demonstrated that bananas are changing their chemical composition when ripe.

This means that for the extraction of specific benefits from the consumption of bananas, should be able to choose the very color of the banana, be it of a greenish, clear yellow, or ripe bananas whose skin is prevalent brown

1.They give you energy

Within less than half an hour, bananas proven allow a large increase in energy in the body. Whereas an average banana has 89 calories, the energy produced during the decomposition, can be used for a long time through physical activity.

2. Eliminate Stress

Ingredients bananas stimulate the secretion of the hormone of happiness, a favorite of the hormone that makes people feel happier, and for which greatly reduces discomfort, anxiety, depression and stress.

3. fighters against cancer

As mentioned at the beginning, for the specific benefits of bananas is very important to choose the bananas at a certain stage of maturity. So for a fantastic effect of stimulating the production of white blood cells, necessary to choose a dark yellow bananas.

4. Helps against constipation

The problem of constipation is usually created as a result of lack of fiber in the diet, which is not able to digest and which thus pass through the gastrointestinal tract, helping to better functioning of the intestine.

5. Strengthen bones

In addition to the standard needs a man to ingredients in food that strengthen bones, athletes are persons who should pay special attention to this question, since its skeleton exposed many times greater challenges. Bananas are foods that are not too rich in calcium, but they contain micronutrients that enhance the absorption of calcium from all the food that is ingested.

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They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death



They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death

Leon Brozovic (18) from Bjelovar Croatia 2012 revealed Burkitt’s malignant tumor which has grown in a short period of up to 20 kilograms. Medical diagnoses were bad, but Leon did not want to give up …

leon brozovic cancer

Leon got sick after a football match. In two days he got the diagnosis, but after two days they did the surgery and remained in bed for months. The disease is destroying him with 94 to just 54 kilos.

Later, I heard that I was the third person in the last three decades in Europe that is suffering from this malignant disease – says Leon.

If they were wrong in the forecast that I live half a month, then why would not longer living – tells us the story on his thinking at the hospital.

Gym became his second home.

Leon Brozovic Croatia

Undescribable feeling when, after months of lying down with the help of his father for the first time back on its feet. Then, he says, he knew that life in front of him. After seven cycles of chemotherapy Leon was out of the hospital and, as recommended by a doctor, forgot about football, and went to the gym.

Today Leon is strong young man who hewed great body and become a bodybuilder. Absence from school quickly compensated because the teachers had understanding for the struggle of life.

When I won the battle of life, I know that nothing can get in the way. Today I train every day for two hours, except Sunday, and will soon be on the competition – says this modest and cheerful young man.

Leon knows that now his dream is become a professional bodybuilder and wants to compete. Saying on good-bye ,that every person holds the keys of life in his hands and therefore should never be dropped.

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After workout | Best foods to eat

After workout Best foods

The day after my workout
The day after my workout

After workout

Call me crazy
but i love
the day after my workout

Best things to eat after a workout

-70 calories each, 6.3 grams of protein
-one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D
-raw eggs have no advantages over cooked ones. In fact, cooking eggs allows your body to absorb almost twice the amount of protein.
-contains far more vitamins, protein and fiber than brown rice, and requires less time to prepare
Orange Juice
-vitamin C
-you’ll also get significantly more potassium than you would from popular sports drinks
-fermented milk drink made from probiotic bacteria
-one cup of kefir contains 11-14grams of “complete proteins”,which don’t occur normally in the body
-fast-acting carbs will help restore your body’s levels of glycogen, which helps rebuild damaged muscles
-they provide lots of wonderful potassium.
-large dose of protein
-anti-inflammatory omega-3s for rebuilding your muscles
-give your body a huge antioxidant boost
-triple your rate of recovery after intense workouts
Dried Fruit and Nuts
-quick protein and carbs
-half cup contains 34 grams of protein
Sweet Potatoes
-vitamins and nutrients (vitamins B6,C,D,magnesium,potassium)
-healthy dose of carbs
-hydrate properly feel great and stay energized

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10 best old school exercises | WORK IT for old school body

10 best old school exercises

10 best old school exercises
10 best old school exercises

10 best old school exercises

1. Sissy squats

How to do sissy squats?

2. EZ curl lying triceps extensions

Lying triceps extensions
Lying triceps extensions

3. Cross-chest dumbell triceps extension

Cross-chest dumbell triceps extension
Cross-chest dumbell triceps extension

4. Forearm roller

Forearm roller
Forearm roller

5. Concentration curl w/hanging arm

Concentration curl w/hanging arm
Concentration curl w/hanging arm

6. Push-ups

How to do push-ups?


7. Cross bench pullover

Dumbbell pullover
Dumbbell pullover


8. One-arm dumbbell row

One-arm dumbbell row
One-arm dumbbell row

9. T-bar rows

T-bar rows
T-bar rows

10. Wide-grip chins

Wide-grip chins
Wide-grip chins

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Six pack abs now | How to get six pack easy way

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t want to free his waist from fat and to obtain the ‘six pack abs’. Training the abs is useful for the development of the musculature of the abdominal wall, but no matter how well they are defined and formed the extra subcutaneous fat will never show them out if we don’t follow the necessary dietary restrictions.

Six pack abs now | How to get six pack easy way


“ABS are made in the kitchen”

Unfortunately fat is unequally distributed in some people and concentrated mainly in the waist region. So there is no given percent of fat which we should reach to show the six pack abdomen. In order to gain the so desired ‘six pack’ you should get rid of the unnecessary fat covering them and this is obtained not only with abdominal training. You need a complete plan, focused on burning fat, in order to reduce the
subcutaneous abdominal fat and it has at least three components: dietary regimen, cardio and strength training and each of them should be individually set.

Source : Lazar Angelov book ABS Secret Revealed. <<<BUY it


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ABS Myths | Mistakes You Must Avoid | ABS training for definition

ABS Myths
ABS Myths

ABS Myths | Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are facts from Arnold’s book

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe


Since most oft he top bodybuilders today, regardless of stature, are massively developed for their body size, the most important goal of abdominal training has become definition. This involves two things-training and developing the abdominals and reducing body fat sufficiently to reveal the muscularity underneath.

When I got into bodybuilding most competitors believed in something called spot reduction, and there are a lot of people who still think this is possible. Spot reduction refers to training a specific muscle in order to burn off fat in that particular area. According to this idea, to develop abdominal definition,  you do a lot of ab training, lots of high reps, and burn away the fat that is obscuring the development of the abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. When the body is in caloric deficit
and begins metabolizing fat for energy, it doesn’t go to an area where the muscles are doing a lot of work in order to get additional energy resources. The body has a genetically programmed pattern by which it determines from what adipose cells to access stored fat energy. Exercise does burn
calories, of course, but the abdominals are such relatively small muscles that no matter how much ab training you do you won’t metabolize nearly the energy you would by simply going for a walk for the same amount of time.
But this is not to say that training a given area like the abs doesn’t increase definition. As I said, the abdominals get a hard workout when you do heavy exercises, but what they don’t get is quality training – that is, isolation, full-range-of-movement exercises. Movements that do this bring out the full shape and separation of the abdominals instead of just
making them bigger. So although training the abs like this doesn’t do a lot to reduce the fat around the waistline, it does create very well defined muscles that are revealed once you are able to reduce your body fat sufficiently by means of diet and aerobic exercise.

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Best Workout For Abs


Best Workout For Abs

Try this classic workout for abs. You can combine with the training of other muscle groups.

Decline sit ups 3 x 15

abs 1

Classic workout for abs (crunches) 3 x 20

abs 2


Roman Chair Sit Ups 4 x 10

abs 3

Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 15

abs 4

Incline Reverse crunch 3 x 10

abs 5

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Secret to a small waist | Tips from Frank Zane


Secret to a small waist | Tips from Frank Zane

Stay Hungry Longer

by Frank Zane, Mr. Olympia 1977-79

My secret to a small waist-line is staying hungry longer. While other practices are necessary too, becoming more comfortable in the presence of hunger is the key aspect of my abdominal program. Only then can I practice diaphragm and abdominal control with stomach vacuums, which can’t be done on a full stomach.

At the first pangs of hunger, take a minute to vacuum : Bend forward at the waist with your hands on your knees and exhale the last vestiges of air from your lungs, tensing your abdominal muscles. Hold it… now instead of inhaling, suck your gut in by using your diaphragm – a powerful area of your body between the stomach and lungs. Imagine you can draw in your abs so far that they touch the spinal erector muscles of your lower back. The more you practice, the longer you can hold the full vacuum and the smaller your waistline gets.

One of the many valuable things I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger between 1969 and 1979, when we trained together, was the urgency of practicing vacuuming the last month before competition. We always did it on an empty stomach when we were hungry. I started with stage 1 vacuuming (because it’s easier) for 20 seconds and then did the same thing with my hands behind my head for five sets of 30 seconds. This became my final pose in my posing routine – the stomach-vacuum pose. My waist got smaller and smaller because I got better at controlling the profile of my waistline..

Most people want a small, muscular waistline because the abs are the center of the body, where the eyes gravitate most readily. My way of getting this sought-after development is to stay hungry longer, vacuum and do abdominal work.

The nice thing about doing stomach vacuums is that they take only a few minutes. The rest of my body becomes more defined as all my muscles stand out in bold relief. Ab work is also important, but I found that too much ab work gave me a shore lower back. A simple, quick routine I practice is two sets of 30 reps of hanging knee raises and two sets of 30 crunches. Also, any activities that tense the abdominals – like playing a wind musical instrument or simply tensing your abs during your workout – will add to your ab development.

Vacuuming creates the opposite effect of eating a lot of food at one time, wich leaves you feeling bloated. Vacuuming at the first sensation of hunger helped me to stay hungry a little longer. I always dropped a few pounds in bodyweight the more I did this, but it seemed a fair price to pay for a small, muscular waistline. You might say that vacuuming helped me clean up my act of competition. ”

Tips for the bodybuilder entering his first contest?
Frank:Practice posing, be in as good a shape as possible. Be CONFIDENT in yourself.
Project a good IMAGE on the stage.Read some of my courses about POSING.

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Twisting sit ups on decline bench | Abs routine Irvin Koszewski

Abs exercise routine

Abs exercise routine
Abs exercise routine

Twisting sit ups on decline bench

Abs routine Irvin Koszewski

Performed in the same manner as the regular sit-up except that, at the half-way mark, you side, then lower your body and with the next rep twist to the other side. 2 sets of 15-25 reps.

twisting sit ups on decline bench

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The best exercises to melt fat | short training program


The best exercises to melt fat | short training program

Almost all people have at least a small amount of fat deposits positioned in the stomach , and that regardless of their total body weight . Whether it is a fairly thin or completely obese people , the stomach is a place just like fat and with which it is most difficult to melt .

All this would not have been such a problem that stomach muscles are not as attractive muscular group , which desires to better express both sexes , and ” hose down ” around the stomach for many of them is a real nightmare .

Because of that , we bring you a short training program , which consists of three exercises that can be performed at home and that you do not need any additional equipment .

For a list of exercises with which everyone should hang out more often included are:

– Reverse crunches for lower abs ( leg lifts , but distorted to avoid injury) , 20 reps

– Tapping fingers for upper abs , 20 reps

– Plank – 30 seconds

Key to the success of this program is that it can pass through all the exercises without rest , and that is all that repeated four times !