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Reg Park 1951 Mr Universe | Overall winner Reg Park bodybuilder

Reg Park 1951 Mr Universe

Reg Park 1951 Mr Universe

Overall Winner

The 1951 Mr. Universe contest was an NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilders Association).

The athletes are judged on their symmetry, proportions and the size and clarity of each muscle group. Most of the judging occurs during the day (this is called the pre-judging) before the distractions of the evening show, the finals.

Reg Park overall winner for  year 1950.

Overall Winner Reg Park


1Reg Park
2Robert Duranton
2Oscar Heidenstam
4Hubert Thomas
5Joe Weider
6Arnold Dyson
7Peter Gunn
8Dennis Stallard
8Ted White
10Julien Straet
11Henry Downs
12Jacques Durdur


1Juan Ferrero
2Mario Marello
3Robert Jama
4Spencer Churchill
5Auguste Marcet
6Jonny Stringer
7Pierre Luiten
8Tony March
9Ed Martinson
10Tom Cameron
11Robert McShane
12Louis Bauduin
13Gordon Mackay
14Ivor Hyde
15Herbert Loveday


1Manotosh Roy
2Monohar Aich
3Guy Marello
4Johnny Boubalos
5James Lawrie
6Wally Wright
7Dennis Winn
8Gerard Firket
8Jack King
10Mydrin Palmer
11Norman Bratty
12Dave Meredith
13James Wood
14Jones Trevor
15Ted Butel
16Ian Clark