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Musclemania 2013 results | Ulisses JR Wins World Natural Championship

Ulisses musclemania champ

Musclemania 2013 results


Musclemania 2013 results

Ulisses win’s Musclemania America World Natural Championship in Las Vegas!

Ulusses says. “I trained so hard for this show, dieted like never before. I gave up a lot of time from my family, but now I am the MM World Champion. It feels great!”

Musclemania America 2013  Professional Medium
RankNameOveral Points
1.Ulisses JR100
2.Chul Soon93.7
3.Kenneth Stewart79.2
4.Ryan Laos79.1
5.Eric Perkins76.4
6.Markus Reinhardt73.1
7.Ty Ogedegbe61.2
8.Edmund Ekeoha59.4

More info pics & footage from the show. #ulissesworld @ &

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