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Mr Olympia 2009 | Bodybuilding history | Awesome body

Mr Olympia 2009 contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition and the feature event of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend 2009 held September 24-27, 2009 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other events at the exhibition included the 202 Olympia Showdown, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia, and Figure Olympia contests.

mr olympia 2009

Notable events

  • Jay Cutler became the first bodybuilder in Mr. Olympia history to reclaim his title after losing to Dexter Jackson in 2008
  • Dexter Jackson, defending his 2008 championship, came in 3rd losing by one point to a vastly improved Branch Warren
  • Kai Greene, the winner of the 2009 Arnold Classic, took 4th

Mr Olympia 2009 | Results

1.$200,000Jay Cutler55515
2.$100,000Branch Warren16161446
3.$75,000Dexter Jackson10181947
4.$50,000Kai Greene13192254
5.$40,000Phil Heath24171455
6.$30,000Victor Martinez30303090
7.$20,000Ronny Rockel354378
8.$18,000Toney Freeman384280
9.$15,000Hidetada Yamagishi4557102
10.$14,000Moe El Moussawi5152103
11.$4,000Melvin Anthony6044104
12.$4,000Silvio Samuel4955104
13.$4,000Gustavo Badell5359112
14.$4,000Dennis James6171132
15.$4,000Markus Ruhl6372136
16.$4,000Troy Alves8080
16.$4,000Darrem Charles8080
16.$4,000Ahmad Haidar8080
16.$4,000Michael Kefalianos8080
16.$4,000Martin Kjellstrom8080
16.$4,000Joel Stubbs8080
16.$4,000Bill Wilmore8080
16.$4,000Dennis Wolf8080


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