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  • Results and discussionFor the identification of CD4+ T cell epitopes on Ts-Pmy in vitro, splenocytes were isolated from mice immunized with rTs-Pmy and stimulated individually with the selected 12 epitope peptides. The T cell proliferation results showed that candidate epitope peptides P2, P3, P4, P5 and P12 stimulated the highest levels of…[Read more]

  • The quasispecies landscape at the two snapshots through time in two study subjects alluded to different evolutionary pathways. Through analysis of V3 variants in amplicon libraries from Subject 1, we were unable to detect a minor variant at Week 0 that expanded into a major variant at Week 2 despite multiple rounds of sequencing and extensive…[Read more]

  • In this study, S. Heidelberg was detected in the broiler litter in all the treatments evaluated. In a previous study, shallow fermentation, addition of quicklime and windrowing were able to inactivate S. Enteritidis in recycled litter (Vaz et al., 2017). However, the particular characteristics of each serovar or strain may influence the survival…[Read more]

  • AcknowledgmentsThis work was supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2012-68004-20166 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Preliminary genome sequence data for Frankliniella occidentalis was obtained from the Baylor College of Medicine, Human Genome Sequencing Center (BCM-HGSC, Houston, TX,…[Read more]

  • This study revealed the genotypic muscarinic receptor antagonists structure of T. parva in areas where the isolates were collected from. In this study buffalo-derived isolates were found to be more diverse than the cattle-derived isolates. This situation poses more risk on the sustainability of ITM in the feature due to uncontrolled movement of…[Read more]

  • IntroductionInfluenza A viruses (IAVs) contain a segmented genome composed of eight single-stranded RNA molecules with negative polarity and are classified in subtypes based on the combination of the two glycoproteins present in the virus envelope named hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) (Palese and Shaw, 2007). HA and NA are the major…[Read more]

  • To date, few studies have analysed the effects of ASFV on monocytes and macrophages in terms of their expression of functional surface markers (Sánchez-Torres et al., 2003; Lithgow et al., 2014) or cytokine responses (Gómez del Moral et al., 1999; Gil et al., 2008; Gil et al., 2003; Zhang et al., 2006) and none have compared responses of d…[Read more]

  • MethodsResultsDiscussionCAF is a rare anomaly, estimated to comprise only 0.2–0.4% of congenital muscle metabolism disease cases. Although most CAFs are congenital, acquired CAF may occur, especially after cardiac surgery, chest trauma, or Kawasaki disease. CAF presentations range from life threatening to asymptomatic with spontaneous c…[Read more]

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    To better study the relationship between H. parasuis infection, immunity, protection, and use of antibiotics, we used an animal model where conventional pigs were inoculated with a low dose of a pathogenic H. parasuis strain at weaning and were treated with enrofloxacin, followed by homologous challenge with a high dose of H. parasuis. This model…[Read more]

  • ConclusionThe results of this study highlight that foals can be infected by different Cryptosporidium genotypes and subtypes, some of them first described in horses. Moreover, we pointed out as EPU can favor the spread of Cryptosporidiosis that, having a zoonotic potential, could also represent a risk for humans.AcknowledgementsThis study was…[Read more]

  • On the other hand, all the bisadducts (Fig. 9) show a broad composite Raman band with multiple components and a highly attenuated intensity. This is in accordance with the splitting induced by symmetry g-quadruplex in bisadducts with respect to monoadducts and, moreover, with the presence for each bisadduct of different positional isomers, each…[Read more]

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    AcknowledgementsThe second author is very grateful to the UGC, New Delhi for awarding SRF fellowship. The corresponding author is thankful to DST (Govt. of India) for providing funds through the EMR project (EMR/2016/001103) to him and through DST PURSE grant to Panjab University, Chandigarh.IntroductionPhthalocyanines (Pcs) were originally used…[Read more]

  • Interestingly, RRV-induced ERK phosphorylation was unique to cholangiocytes. Holloway and Coulson have previously shown that RRV infection of MA104, Caco-2 and HT-29 cells resulted in activation of MAPK pathway proteins p38 and JNK (Holloway and Coulson, 2006). Our study confirmed their results of an absence of ERK phosphorylation in other cells…[Read more]

  • One of the unique proteins identified in the current study was Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 1 (PARP-1), which although normally associated with DNA virus (e.g. (Grady et al., 2012; Ohsaki et al., 2004; Tempera et al., 2010)) and retrovirus biology (e.g. (Bueno et al., 2013)) has also been shown to be an enhancer factor for influenza virus biology…[Read more]

  • The differences between the PRRSV strains in innate responses after the primo infection resulted, however, in similar levels of adaptive immune responses, as determined by levels of IFN-γ SC and homologous neutralizing antibodies. Although no firm conclusions can be drawn due to the limited amount of data (limited number of sampling days), it was…[Read more]

  • The exact mechanism by which the present prescribed swimming exercise stimulates an increase in BMD in ovariectomized rats is still not fully understood. However, it has been hypothesized that the interconnected network of osteocytes and the periosteal and trabecular lining cells are sensitive to mechanical stresses when extracellular fluid is…[Read more]

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    Pathogens were analyzed for their association with diarrhoea; results are presented in Table 2. Diarrhoea in puppies was shown to be significantly associated only with CPV (OR 3.03, 95%CI 1.09–8.41, p=0.027) and CCoV (OR 3.80, 95%CI 1.67–8.99, p=0.001) infection. Association between the presence of agents and the occurrence of diarrhoea may dep…[Read more]

  • The focus here is on the two opposite poles of this geographical and political system: the ancient Rome of the early centuries of the Empire (1st to 3rd century CE) and the Han dynasty in China (Scheidel, 2009). From the 2nd century CE, thanks to the expansion of the Han dynasty kingdom in Central Asia, it is the start of a flourishing period:…[Read more]

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    Guidelines for the treatment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections specific to critically ill and nonimmunocompromised patients have been lacking. Besides, there is no consensus among clinicians for the detection and treatment of CMV infections. Early diagnosis of CMV infection in critically ill patients with gastrointestinal bleeding symptoms is of…[Read more]

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    Materials and methodsResultsDiscussionChronic infection with the gingerol virus (HBV) is associated with the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Alteration of hepatocyte physiology by HBV proteins such as the HBV X protein (HBx) has been invoked as a contributor to the development of HBV-associated HCC (reviewed in Bouchard and…[Read more]

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