How to lose 1kg each month?

Each of us wants to be in good shape, and therefore it feels better. You’d be surprised how easy it is to reduce the number of calories you intake every day. Not a question of starvation or skipping your favorite candy, because the body needs a little bit of everything. Starvation and strict diets often have a negative effect. Instead, all you need is to relieve the amount of food that you enter, and when you are able to eat dietary

Here are a few tips that you can enter 100 calories less per day, which would result in losing at least one pound a month. Not bad, right?

  • Chocolate cereals replace fruit.
  • A glass of whole milk, replace the milk with low fat.
  • Instead of two fried eggs, you eat two boiled.
  • For dessert, make a fruit salad with orange and banana.
  • Part of a meal that includes meat, replace with fresh mushrooms.
  • If you can not without mayonnaise, eat a diet.
  • Snack on dried fruit instead of candy.
  • Prepare a meal of fresh vegetables instead of canned.
  • Use black instead of white bread.
  • Cut a piece of cake less, than usual.
  • Prepare the meat to be cooked or baked instead of fried, and always combine it with fresh vegetables.
  • Instead of five cubes of chocolate you can meet with the two.
  • Instead of salad with macaroni, you make a salad of spinach.
  • Instead of canned tuna in oil, you buy canned tuna in water.
  • Serve the meat with less sauce.
  • Eat a burger, but without the fries.
  • Do not eat any fish with sauce, just enough lemon juice.
  • Reduce the use of oil, and replace it with olive oil.
  • If you are already making homemade juice, do not savor.
  • You do not have to completely waive butter, but consume it in smaller quantities.